If we roleplay:

1. Don’t apologize for being late/slow with replies.

2. Take all of the time you need. Days, weeks, months, doesn’t matter. Don’t put yourself under stress because of such pointless things.

3. Your personal life out of character along with your health are the most important. If you drop a thread/conversation/whatever, it’s alright. Just stay safe and take care.


Inktober! three characters counts are three days right

I really want to get a tattoo of these fellas someday :’)

So I once met a guy named Laun... he was a gnome. Laun the gnome. Lawn gnome. Poor sucker's parents must have hated him.

Despite his attempts to be polite and take the story of the gnome’s plight seriously, an amused smile pulled at the edges of Copernicus’ lips. “Is that so, anon? I’ve certainly known a number of Gremlins with quite inventive names, but I don’t think I’ve ever met one who’s parents gave ‘em a name that was such an obvious pun.” Clearing his throat to keep himself from chuckling he added, “I’d certainly feel bad for someone with a name like that though. I’m sure he must’ve never heard the end of it.”


New favorite sketch! :3

I had both Mickey and Oswald doubled over laughing at this (silently, of course). I got several attendants cracking up too; it was great! I actually got to chatting with one of the attendants in particular and came back twice more just to hang out with her at the end of the lines after she had cut them off. 

I did one other Mickey sketch that evening (Fantasmic Mickey), but I actually gave that to Mickey as a thank you for letting me repeatedly pester him throughout the night. He actually seemed pretty taken aback, and spent a few minutes alternately hugging me and showing it off— I’ll take that as a good sign. (I was also his last guest of the night in Town Square before the park shut down.)

I’ll probably re-sketch that one, since I really liked the way it turned out. However, I do have one more ‘doodle’ of sorts that came from that evening…

How did you fall in love with stars?

"Oh I’ve been in love with the stars since I was but a wee widget." He smiled fondly, his gaze turned upwards as though he was remembering something, "You see, my dad was quite fond of the skies above, and often took my sibling’s and I out stargazin’ when we were young. I guess you could say I got my love of the stars from him."

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Such as: Furries, Talking Animals, Pokemon, Robots, Androids, Mutants, Ghosts, Monsters, Myths (creatures or figures), OC created creatures, Morphers, Humans with Supernatural   Powers, Angels, Fallen Angels, Demons, Creatures from Video Games (Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario, ect)3


Based on my friend’s post about how she imagines that muns are magical girls who gain different powers from each of their muses, here are some pencil sketches of my various magical girl forms.

Full descriptions of designs and powers below the cut:

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