A Multi-Camera 360° Panoramic Timelapse of the Stars by Vincent Brady [VIDEO]


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i feel like this is exactly what Vincent Van Gogh saw and now i am crying 


A young woman in colourful clothing ran up to the Gremlin, stopping right in front of his path. "You sir! You look like a respectable member of this society! How about a fortune reading, hm? You seem like the type that has a lot on his mind."



The gremlin had been walking casually down the street, his eyes unfocused as he stared off at nothing, his mind elsewhere. It was not until he felt a shadow loom over him and heard someone speaking that he pulled his thoughts back to his immediate surroundings. “Oh, um… thanks for offerin’, lass. But I’m not usually the kind to dabble in divination. And besides, I wouldn’t have the money for it either.” Hopping into the air, he hovered up to a height where he could look the woman in the eyes, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before. Are you new to the area?”

A flash of excitement crossed the gypsy’s face before she raised her brow in confusion. This Gremlin was saying he didn’t want any business with her and now he suddenly wants to take her offer? Sure Vivian would normally be very pleased, but after his show of concern for Clementine’s safety, the woman started to put two and two together. Maybe this was just a way to see if she and her sister were safe. A small twinge of annoyance formed inside the witch, but she hide it with a grin as she crossed her arms. If this creature wanted to see if they were trustworthy, then Vivian was ready to be as polite and appropriate as possible, just to get him on their side. 

"Depends how valuable your items are. But I’m sure me and my sister will take liking to whatever you got. Come, we shall go to the vardo and I’ll see what I can make you." The woman turned around and motion the Gremlin to follow her with her finger. "I don’t believe I caught your name yet."

"Well not to be braggin’," he set his hand on his chest proudly, "But I’ve just about any kind of item you could imagine. I’m sure I’ve somethin’ you’d consider valuable that I’m willin’ to trade." The gremlin willingly hovered after her as she led the way, glad that it appeared he was going to get the opportunity to find out more about the woman and whether she was safe for Clem to be around.

"My name’s Copernicus," he offered polity, "And you are?"

The beast seemed to appear out of nowhere, charging towards Gremlin. It almost seemed like it was attacking him, but before it reached him it jumped over him with grace and tackled into something behind the toon, disappearing again.



Copernicus barely had time to react to the large creature that had suddenly appeared and came barreling towards him. Without sufficient time to teleport out of it’s path, all he could do was put his hands up defensively and duck down, bracing for possible impact while hoping that the beast would change course or at least not trample him.

When the creature leapt over him instead, the gremlin quickly took action to protect himself from further attack, jumping into the air and beginning to hover in case he needed to make a quick escape. By the time Copernicus had risen into the air and turned to look behind him, the beast had already vanished again. Where had that… that.. he honestly was not entirely sure what that creature had been. He had not gotten a good enough look at it to be certain. Regardless though, where had it come from, and, the more pressing question, where had it gone?

"Filthy vermin from the other side that want to feast on the living. Their attention is dragged when the gaze of my master falls upon a soul." Frost replied. "I am a Guardian of Death. You may call me Froststag if you wish." It added with a bow of it’s head.

"The gaze of your master? Bu -what would Death’s gaze be upon me for?" Copernicus made little effort to disguise his anxiety. This whole scenario seemed to be even more frightening the more he learned. "But it’s… nice to meet you, Froststag. You can call me Copernicus." Knowing that he could not offer his hand to shake, the gremlin bowed his head in return. "And th-thanks for stoppin’ those creatures earlier."

A few distance mews could be heard from below the Observatory. After a minute or so, a familiar voice shouted from below, "Hey Pernie! Are you home?!"



Copernicus had opened wide all the windows in the observatory on this sunny day, allowing the warm summer breeze to air out the building, and hopefully help dispel that lingering smell of burnt cookies that wafted throughout his home. Two failed batches behind him, the gremlin watched the oven closely, not wanting to leave this spot for long lest he became distracted yet again and burn this final batch as well. Upon hearing Clementine’s voice shouting from outside however, the gremlin briefly abandoned his post and poked his head out the window, waving down at the child and her glaring of cats below. “I’m right up here, Clem!” he called back happily. “What are you and your friends up to on this wonderful day? Did you need somethin’?”

The child stood to the side as Copernicus made his choices, bending down to pet some of the Muffin Cats that walked by. She got back up quickly however, when the Gremlin made his request. “Sure! I’ll cut it for you.” Taking a swiss army knife from her pocket, Clementine flipped out the blade and sawed through the thin string of a green balloon. “Here you go!” She said as she offered him the happy balloon. “You sure you can hold it?” 

Adjusting the objects comfortably in the crook of his left arm, Copernicus took the string in his free hand. “I think I can manage, lass. I only need to take ‘em inside.” He gestured with his head to indicate the building beside them. “Do you think you could wait here while I put ‘em away? I’ll be only a minute.”




                                      the  s t a r s




"Pernie! Long time no see. I was going to see you on Valentine's day and ask you to join me as we celebrate 'not having a princess yet'." He gave a chuckle. "I like that theory you gave Clem. I'm gonna use it from now on."



"Greetin’s Markus! It has been some time, hasn’t it?" the collector exclaimed happily when he saw his fellow gremlin approach, giving a soft chuckle at the mention of the previous conversation he had had with Clementine. "I’m glad you like it. But, admittedly, Clementine mostly came up with the idea of love bein’ like knights and princesses on her own. I just agreed with her and continued with it, since I thought it seemed like a good and simple explanation of a rather complex subject."

"Ouija boards…do gypsies use ouija boards?" The young Gremlin muttered before shaking his head. "On second thought, maybe you’re right. If I risk upsetting the dead, who knows what trouble that’ll cost! Plus, Uncle Gus probably wouldn’t like me going to Lonesome Manor to deal with some ghostly business. He already said he doesn’t like that place much. I don’t blame him really. The atmosphere gives me the creeps." Markus made a small wince before he continued.

"…Is there anyway to make ghost happy? If you were a ghost, what would you want?"

He blinked rapidly, a bit surprised by the sudden unexpected questions. “You want to know what would make a ghost happy? Well I guess that’d depend on why they’ve chosen to linger. When a ghost remains somewhere they usually have a reason for it; unfinished business of some kind perhaps?” he shrugged uncertainly. “I guess if you could find out what they linger for, you might be able to find some way to make ‘em happy.”

Head tilted to one side, he put his hand to his chin, and stared down at the floor intently. “If I were a ghost, what would I want?” he repeated, speaking each word slowly as he mulled the concept over. “I’m not entirely sure. I think it’d really depend on when I died, and what caused it to happen. You know, I’m not actually sure I’d even want to be a ghost. There’d need to be a very compellin’ reason for me to want to stay around before I’d choose to do somethin’ like that. But I guess… perhaps if my research still wasn’t complete and I wanted to stay around long enough to see it’s application? Or if I hadn’t had the chance to properly say goodbye to someone important?” Giving an awkward short laugh, he returned his focus to Markus. “I’m not sure listin’ reasons I might stick around beyond the grave are goin’ to give us the answer to why this ghost is here though. But I could help you try and find out what they’re hauntin’ for, if you’d like?”