The child followed close behind, holding the riling as she went down as well. "This is great! Thank you! I was going to use some blankets instead but then I realized I need them for the Winter. Plus, they were too small anyways."

"Your blankets were too small? How big do you need these curtains to be, lass?" he asked, glancing back over his shoulder and quirking a brow at her while he crossed the living room and walked over to the closet. Opening the door he hovered up to the top shelves and began rummaging through the neatly folded fabrics in search of the largest curtains he could find. "Because if you need ‘em to be a very specific size, then we may have no other choice but to go visit the haberdasher…"

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Wow, Gus sure likes his random-spawning mortarboard and chalkboard. Here’s a compendium of all those awesome moments. Enjoy!

(Plus, I’m thinking of making a GIF set for each important character (Mickey, Oswald, Gus, Prescott, Ortensia, Ian, Mad Doctor, Blot (those are the only ones I can think of right now, any more?) in the series, of about 5 GIFs each, of their best moments. What do you guys think? D’you wanna see that? And do you have any requests of favourite moments?)

"Thank you Pernie." She said sincerely. "But I really want to try to do this on my own. As soon as it's ready though, I promise I'll bring you and the others to come and see it. I think you'll really like it, since you liked my bedtime story so much!"

"Any time, lass." He smiled fondly, placing his hand on her shoulder and giving a slight squeeze. "And I understand that. There’s a sense of pride in buildin’ somethin’ all on your own for the first time, isn’t there? I’m already excited to see it when it’s done!"

Taking a step back from the girl he spun around and clapped his hands, filled with vigor at the thought of helping her find materials for her big project. “Alright, so you’re needin’ some curtains. I should have some in the linen closet on the lower floor. And if none of ‘em are to your likin’, you can look at the fabric I’ve collected. You can have whichever one’s you’d like!” He beckoned for her to follow as he made his way across the main Observatory and down the stairs.

The child have a smile as she looked at him and said "It's a big project I'm doing all by myself so I can bring honour to my Gremlin name! It's a surprise!"

"A big project that’ll bring honor to your Gremlin name? My, how excitin’!" he clasped his hands together and his features brightened, genuinely thrilled to hear that Clementine felt she had gained enough skill to build a project all her own. "I’m so proud to hear you say that, Clem! But are you sure you won’t be needin’ any help? You know, there’s no shame in askin’ for assistance, especially when workin’ on a complicated project. Workin’ with someone else instead of alone makes you no less a Gremlin. We Gremlins are always here for one another, so if you need help with anythin’, anythin’ at all, just remember to ask. Alright?”

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"I… you want me to… right now?” His cheeks grew warm, and he fixed his eyes on the floor. “Well, I… I certainly wouldn’t mind kissin’ her, anon. B-but she’s currently all the way at the North Pole. It’d make kissin’ her kind of… well, impossible at the moment…”