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My sister showed this to me on deviantart. I love it so much! It so cute! <3 :D

A rather large, succulent ham with roasted potatoes, parsnips, and carrots have been left on your table. There is also a chocolate torte that has been decorated with little red candies.

Following the delicious scent that he had caught his nose’ attention even from upstairs, Copernicus was surprised when he found that a sumptuous spread had been left on his dining table. Who had made all of this food? How did they get the meal into his home without him noticing? And, most importantly, why had they left this here for him?

He immediately searched the table for a note, something that Jubilee typically left when she sent him a gift, but didn’t find any. How odd? Although the absence of a letter didn’t mean that the food had not been left by the elf, it did make the whole situation seem more suspicious. Should he trust food that may have been left for him by a complete stranger?

Almost as if in answer his stomach growled. It had been a while since the gremlin had last eaten, and even then that meal had not been near as scrumptious and filling as this one looked to be. Deciding that the food was likely a harmless present, he took a large knife from his kitchen and started carving the ham, tossing a couple small morsels into his mouth as he worked.

Although he was fairly certain the food was fine, on the off chance that there was something dubious about it, hopefully this taste test would reveal the issue without causing any serious lasting harm. As long as he felt no ill affects by the time he finished prepping the meat then he would enjoy this lovely meal in peace, and even have leftovers for the days to come. How wonderful, Copernicus thought as he silently thanked whoever had left him this present.

(( I don’t know who they are either, but I am loving all these adorable nosy questions! Keep ‘em coming, anon! :3 ))
if you and jubilee had kids what would you name them?

Copernicus opened his mouth as if to say something before abruptly changing his mind and biting down on his lip. He stood quietly, gaze lowered and brow furrowed in concern, taking an extra moment to consider how to best respond to the anon. “Well, if we somehow had children, then I guess I’d like to name ‘em after the stars. There’s a plethora of wonderful names from which to choose after all. But it’d also depend on what kinds of names Jubi liked, so I can’t say for certain what names we’d go with.”

Flibberty-gibbets? that's a very creative name...

"You think it’s creative?" he tilted his head to the side and raised his eyebrow. "Doesn’t your species have different words for your male and female offspring? With humans they call their adult males men, adult females woman, young males boys, and young females girls. Similarly, we Gremlins call our adult males gremlins, adult females fifinella, young males widgets, and young females flibberty-gibbets. I don’t see how one is much more creative or different than the other."


I just really love the concept art, okay.

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Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood." - Walt Disney

A few distance mews could be heard from below the Observatory. After a minute or so, a familiar voice shouted from below, "Hey Pernie! Are you home?!"



Copernicus had opened wide all the windows in the observatory on this sunny day, allowing the warm summer breeze to air out the building, and hopefully help dispel that lingering smell of burnt cookies that wafted throughout his home. Two failed batches behind him, the gremlin watched the oven closely, not wanting to leave this spot for long lest he became distracted yet again and burn this final batch as well. Upon hearing Clementine’s voice shouting from outside however, the gremlin briefly abandoned his post and poked his head out the window, waving down at the child and her glaring of cats below. “I’m right up here, Clem!” he called back happily. “What are you and your friends up to on this wonderful day? Did you need somethin’?”

A few of the cats jumped at the sudden appearance of the Gremlin, before going back to mind their own business. The child in return gave a giggle of excitement before presenting the wagon to him. “You can have whatever you want from here! I have happy balloons, party poppers, and glitter jars! Take one of each if you’d like!” 

"I can have whichever ones I’d like? That’s wonderful! But how am I ever goin’ to decide?" his eyes surveyed the presented objects, admiring the colourful array of swirling glitter jars and the smiling balloons. "I think I’ll take one of these party poppers," he lifted one off the top of the pile, even though he would likely never use the messy toy. "And I especially like this blue and green glitter jar! I bet it’ll look wonderful if I put it in a window where it can best capture the sunlight," as he spoke he lifted the jar carefully from the wagon with his free hand. "And, do you think I might have a happy balloon as well?" he asked with a smile, not wanting to relinquish the items he already held in order to use both hands to untie the strings that prevented the balloons from floating away. "Specifically a green one, if you don’t mind?"