The beast seemed to appear out of nowhere, charging towards Gremlin. It almost seemed like it was attacking him, but before it reached him it jumped over him with grace and tackled into something behind the toon, disappearing again.

Copernicus barely had time to react to the large creature that had suddenly appeared and came barreling towards him. Without sufficient time to teleport out of it’s path, all he could do was put his hands up defensively and duck down, bracing for possible impact while hoping that the beast would change course or at least not trample him.

When the creature leapt over him instead, the gremlin quickly took action to protect himself from further attack, jumping into the air and beginning to hover in case he needed to make a quick escape. By the time Copernicus had risen into the air and turned to look behind him, the beast had already vanished again. Where had that… that.. he honestly was not entirely sure what that creature had been. He had not gotten a good enough look at it to be certain. Regardless though, where had it come from, and, the more pressing question, where had it gone?

Heya Copernicus! I found ya some postage stamps! *holds stamps up* Want 'em?

"Why, of course I’d love to have ‘em! I don’t think I know of any Gremlin who’d say no to an offer like that." Copernicus put out his hands, too excited at the prospect of being given stamps to worry about how this person knew his name. "Could I have ‘em please?" 





Instead of caramel apples this Halloween, melt jolly ranchers in a 250 degree oven for around 5 minutes, then pour over your apples. Add edible glitter for the sparkling space effect!

this is kind of genius


raise your hand if you’re a terrible mun who likes to torture their muse.
"Pernie, Gremlins live forever right? You'll be here forever, right?!"

Copernicus was caught entirely off guard by the sudden question, and something about Clementine’s tone made him hesitant to even begin to respond. The child sounded like she already knew the answer to what she asked, but was hoping he would tell her differently. A part of him wanted to do just that; He almost wanted to lie, to tell the child what she wanted to hear so that he would not need to risk upsetting her, but he knew that, in truth, lying tended to only make matters worse.

Taking a breath Copernicus gently replied, "I… well we Gremlins do live for a rather long time, lass, but certainly not forever. I shouldn’t be goin’ anywhere for at least a few hundred more years though."  

(( One of my favorite details in Epic Mickey is the Gremlin’s walk cycle and how it incorporates their suction cup boots. They walk in big strides with an almost hopping element to their gait which would make sense considering they have to pull the suction cups on their feet free from the ground with each step they take. Also, if you listen closely you can actually hear a popping sound created by the suction cups as they walk.

I love little details like that. They make me unbelievably happy. ))

How are you gremlins able to walk up things upside down?

"Oh that’s quite simple, friend," he replied with enthusiasm as he hovered into the air and pointed down at his feet. "You see, we Gremlins wear specially made boots with suction cups on the bottoms of ‘em. And that’s what allows us to walk upside down on thin’s, and also helped us not be blown off airplane wings when flyin’ high in the sky. They’ve often proven quite useful. Not to mention how comfortable they are as well."