just some sketches of oswald and ortensia,they’re really cute

A letter lay on the ground. The stamp depicting a festoon of flowers was surrounded by a peculiar language, the writing on the front however was clear. "Dear Copernicus" underlined by a starry pattern. The letter, was simple: "You are wonderful."

Having picked up the letter, the astronomer ran a finger over the beautiful decorated stamp. The stamp alone was enough to fill any Gremlin with joy for having found it, but as Copernicus looked over the rest of the letter, she found herself becoming all the more excited. A hand-written, and meticulously decorated, note addressed specifically to them, that contained a simple kind message; a letter like this could have made anyone’s day brighter.

Wearing a sunny smile, Copernicus silently thanked whomever had left the note, wishing the letter had a return address, or at least a name, so she could have thanked the sender properly.

The peculiar language had not escaped her attention though; it was not one she immediately recognized, and she was curious to learn what it said if that was at all possible. Once she was back at the Observatory, she would set to work trying to decipher them.

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1) I spotted a spatter in the Underground a few days ago. I haven’t seen one so close to Mean Street in quite some time. I mentioned it to Ghost Ian, so hopefully he’ll be able to find ‘em and brin’ ‘em back to the safety of Blot Alley before anythin’ happens.

2) The other day I was speakin’ with one of my brothers about some of the tales our grandparents used to tell us when we were only widgets, and debatin’ how true they actually might’ve been. Some of ‘em seem to be fairly believable, but others seem highly unlikely to have ever happened. I think tellin’ whimsical stories is true of most grandparents though.

3) The Perseid Meteor shower will be at it’s peak startin’ August 10th and through to the 13th this year. I’m hopin’ that Jubilee might be able to come over and watch part of it with me. Well, if she happens to be available durin’ that time, and only if she wants to.

4) There’s a couple letters I really need to be postin’. I should probably go and do that. But, I don’t have any postage stamps…

5) You know, if the inventors of postage stamps hadn’t made ‘em taste so delicious, we Gremlins wouldn’t run into problems like this. That’s why we Gremlins don’t use stamps on our letters, except when we’re sendin’ ‘em to non-gremlins who insist upon it… I mean, I understand why they insist on havin’ proper postage paid and all, but why not use a rubber stamp, or a wax seal, instead? That way, we could just eat the paper stamps and not need to worry about savin’ any of ‘em for letters.

6) Being a fifinella isn’t too bad really, except… well, sometimes when I catch sight of my reflection, I could swear it’s my older sister I’m seein’. I don’t look exactly like her or anythin’, but even before the transformation we had similar features. And now, well, the similarity’s almost a tad unsettlin’.

"Copernicus? You, um...you're beautiful."



Hardly daring to believe she was hearing that familiar voice again after all this time, the surprised, yet hopeful, Copernicus slowly pulled her eyes from her telescope and turned towards the visitor. “…Kaylee? Kaylee! It is you!” she squealed in delight. Leaping into the air the fifinella hurtled towards the human girl and threw her arms around her, hugging her tightly. “You’re back! I’ve missed you.”

After a moment she released the girl, and remembering what else Kay had said she added, “Oh, and thanks. I guess if I’m goin’ to be turned into a fifinella for a few days, it’s nice to know people at least think I look lovely… even if the curse itself is a bit odd.”

Kay shrugged. “If that’s what they wanted, then they proved that, no matter the gender, you’re adorable! Although, I think you hit the nail on the head there. They’re like the Gods of Olympus; they do whatever pleases them, pity the poor unsuspecting one their curse falls upon.”

Kay mulled it over. “I’d like that. I missed that a whole lot-when we used to just talk about things.”

"That’s an apt comparison," she nodded. "I’ve wondered before if those anons might actually be some kind of god-like bein’s. It would explain why they’re so powerful, and why there’s little we can do against ‘em."

She smiled brightly, “As did I. It’s nice to just talk about thin’s with a friend sometimes. So, where should we begin then? Has anythin’ interestin’ been happenin’ as of late that you’d like to talk about?”


Explosive stars in its interior // cooler, dusty stars forming in its many rings.

The image is a combination of observations from the European Space Agency’s Herschel Space Observatory taken in far-infrared light (seen in orange hues), and the ESA’s XMM-Newton telescope captured in X-rays (seen in blues).

  • Herschel provides a detailed look at the cool clouds of star birth that line the galaxy’s five concentric rings. Massive young stars are heating blankets of dust that surround them, causing them to glow in the longer-wavelength infrared light, known as far-infrared, that Herschel sees.
  • In contrast, XMM-Newton is capturing what happens at the end of the lives of massive stars. It shows the high-energy X-rays that come from, among other objects, supernova explosions and massive dead stars rotating around companions. These X-ray sources are clustered in the center of the galaxy, where the most massive stars tend to form.

Credit: ESA/Herschel/PACS/SPIRE/J. Fritz, U. Gent; X-ray: ESA/XMM Newton/EPIC/W. Pietsch, MPE  |||  Image and narrative via Wikimedia

Oh, no reason. But I am wondering if you perhaps intend to ride the dragon upon Saint George. *more snickering*

"What? Are you… that’s not… why are you even askin’…"

"No," she answered plainly.

Curiosity Cursed the Cat (Oswald & Copernicus)


"Sure, here ya go," Oswald replied, handing him the strange stone relic. Many of the objects he often collected for the gremlin usually came across as uninteresting to him, but he had to admit that this one was a bit intriguing. "It kinda looks like somethin’ outta Ventureland. Any idea what it’s for?" he asked, cocking his head in interest.


Copernicus eagerly accepted the statue, turning it over in his hands. “My, it looks to be Egyptian. Perhaps she’s a representation of the cat goddess Bastet? How marvelous! I wonder if it’s authentic?”

Sliding the magnifying lens on the edge of his goggles over his eye, he squinted at the statue, checking whether the gem in the eye socket was precious stone or cleverly cut glass, and examining a few of the other small carved details. “Ah! The gem’s definitely real! But I’m still not sure if the statues actually from Egypt or just a very expensive reproduction. I’ll need to take some time to analyze it further in order to know for certain. She’s lovely, either way though.”

It was only then that Copernicus noticed it; the singular eye gem was glowing. Before he could even comment on this though, the light from the eye started to spread along the intricate designs that decorated the statue, startling the gremlin who immediately dropped the relic and jumped back.

Though it fell a couple inches the figure did not hit the ground, instead righting itself and floating in the air on its own accord between the two toons. The statue hummed, the pitch increasing in unison with the brightness of the glowing designs, leaving the gremlin with no choice but to cover his eyes and ears, and turn away from the bright screeching spectacle.

The pitch reaching its crescendo, a golden ray shot from the surface of the relic, bathing the large room and everything within in a blinding light.

When the light faded, the statue had returned to it’s usual inert state, laying abandoned on the Observatory floor.

Not too far away, a small ball of orange fur was huddled in fear, his bright green eyes peeking cautiously from beneath his paws. What had just happened?

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Dealing With Dragons


Her face scrunched in response to the booping, and rather than responding immediately, she blew a few lazy smoke rings in the collector’s direction, forming them into little hearts with her tongue as they left her mouth. “And I love you.”

She closed her eyes and lowered her head, letting out a low, rumbling sigh of contentment, and let her forelimbs fall to her sides. ”So, since you know that I haven’t really been up to much, it’s your turn; I’m sure there’s plenty of things that I haven’t heard about yet. Anything exciting happen? Made any new discoveries? Don’t leave out any details!”

Copernicus was visibly startled by the appearance of the smoke rings at first, but quickly settled again as she realized their shape and that Jubilee was being playful in creating them. Some of Jubilee’s new dragon abilities may take some getting used to.

Smiling affectionately, she lay her head back against the dragon’s chest and snuggled close, once again listening to her steady heartbeat. “What have I been up to? Workin’ for the most part, I guess. There’s always somethin’ that needs done around here. And of course, the sky doesn’t stand still for anyone,” she chuckled. “But as for anythin’ new… well I don’t think I’ve yet told you all the details about that rather strange hole that appeared in the sky a month back. I was tied up with studyin’ that one for weeks! It was fascinatin’! It all started when…” the fifinella launched into a lengthy speech; describing the infrequency with which this type of portal appeared, the unique atmospheric disturbances it caused, and how even the items that had fallen during this event differed from the usual fare. She finally concluded by explaining that the evidence collected suggested that this portal may have originated from a different source than the others.

"But I’ve yet to entirely prove it. You see, even though I’ve a fair bit of evidence suggestin’ that some of the portals that appear in our sky may originate from different locations, we can’t test the theory since we’re clearly not able to travel through ‘em, and anythin’ I’ve sent to collect data always inexplicably vanishes," she sighed, before returning to the positives of this discovery, "But those items that fell are especially wonderful though. I think I might even put one of ‘em on display somewhere."